How to become a famous rock star

Becoming a famous rock star does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of commitment, endurance and hard work to hit the right strings and produce the perfect notes. I remember my early days when I used to play the guitar for my uncle who had a network of night clubs and several party bus services. It was this exercise that actually helped me find my passion for rock.

I watched so many tapes and read success stories about rock stars and realized that I had to guard my time. This meant prioritizing my art and making it happen on top of my schedule, avoiding any excuses.

I also realized that I had to maintain a good body shape. This entailed proper sleep, exercise and healthy feeding. Good enough to generate all the energy I needed to accomplish my work.

Another thing I considered was the value of each and every day that passed by. I often asked myself, “What should I do today?” A day may be as small as a drop in a bucket but many of those drops will one day fill the bucket, so carefully choosing the right activity each day will act as a driving force towards greatness and abundance.

Finally, I took to a refined routine. They say variety is the spice of life. This is true in some cases but misleading in others because it makes one imagine  routines as a boring and unproductive approach. I found that developing the right routines and adhering to them actually made life palatable, stronger and more worth living, especially as a rock star.