Asterix View on How to become a famous rockstar

Everybody dreams of being a RockStar when they grow up, out of a million, chances are that only one of those people stand a real chance to become a real RockStar. Why is this so? Because they had the determination to make it, unlike all the others they left behind. If you want to be a RockStar, just like movers Minneapolis, you need determination, flexibility, common sense and of course an amazing musical ability.

People often think of ‘RockStars’ as drunken drugged up idiots. This description of a RockStar is correct, but the life style of ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll’ has really just withered down over the years. The reason for this is because drugs are now stronger and kill many people before they can be a RockStar, and the STI’s are now a lot worse than they were twenty years ago and can kill you now. So if being a RockStar still sounds relevant to you, you need to follow these steps.

1. Practice

Practice as much as you can, practice as often as you can, because every second you spend practicing will put you one second above your competition. Whatever you play, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals or anything else, just learn everything you can, no matter what style you like, learn every style, Blues, Flamenco, Rock, Jazz, Metal etc. It is not abnormal for someone to practice upwards of ten hours a day, if you are not committed to this, stop now and decide on something else for a living because being a RockStar is not for you. For those willing to put in the work, read on.

2. Make Your Music

No matter what style you play, there has to be an audience or else you will never make it, if that means playing a style you don’t really like then that is too bad. If you are lucky enough to be able to play the music you like then that is great. The easiest way to make a sound that a lot of people will like (including record labels) is to look at the charts, make a similar sound with a unique flavor and you should have a sound people want to hear.

3. Get Your Band Together

If you are just playing an Acoustic Guitar and singing this isn’t so important, but for anything else you need to assemble your band. Post ads in local newspapers, on online message boards and go to your local Music store and ask if they have a notice board for you to place an ad on. Ask around and eventually you will find people wanting to play the same style music as yourself.

4. Promote Yourself

No matter how good you actually sound, you need to promote yourself so people can actually hear you. Start by playing a few free gigs and work your way up to paying gigs. Play covers plus your originals so people have a reason to go see you other than taking a chance listening to an all original band. Get a demo CD done, doesn’t matter how, just get it recorded, then send it out to Record Labels and sell it at your gigs to help you get your name out. You may also want to send your demo CD out to small radio stations, the biggies won’t take a chance with a demo but small stations often do.

5. Get a Manager

Once you can afford it, get a manager, put an ad in the Newspaper and you will find one very fast. They will do a lot of work for you so you can concentrate on your music. Get them to promote you and hopefully you can get picked up on a record label.

If these steps don’t work for you, don’t give up, just keep going, you may want to professionally record a CD and get your manager to get it sold throughout the country. You can also have your own tour, by hiring out venues and doing a lot of organizing, this can be the best way to get your name out there.

Remember that people will only listen to music they want to listen to, don’t try to change the people, change your music. If it takes you through a few styles of music that is ok, if your ultimate goal is to be a RockStar, you will do whatever it takes to get to that goal, so if that means practicing 10+ hours a day for 10 years, you will do it.